About Me?

Let me be the first person to say that I’m not a makeup artist, beauty guru, expert, cosmotoligist, astrologist, etc. I like to think of myself as someone who is quite aware of the fact that nobody in this world is perfect; including myself. If I was somebody who claimed to wake up looking like Alessandra Ambrosio or *insert personal beauty icon here* everyday,  I wouldn’t be creating this blog in the first place.

The point is, we all have imperfections that we can either embrace or be ashamed of (or for those of us who can afford it, pay big bucks to fix!). There are a lot of mean girls and boys in the world who will tell you to look, eat, and act a certain way because it “defines who we are” but I think that ultimately we are our own harshest critic. The point of all this blabber is that sometimes I find myself getting by easier in life when I embrace who I am and everything that comes along with that; including the imperfections. And if there is one thing that I hope people and animals take away from all this, it is the courage to embrace the good, the bad, and the fugly in all of us.


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